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WAM Membership Meeting: Our membership meetings will be temporarily held at DAVIS-MOORE Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram; 7675 E Kellogg DR Wichita Kansas 67207, the meeting will continue to be held on the third Tuesday night of each month.

Welcome Wichita Area Mopar Members & Friends

316-291-0426 Show & Membership information line


Its Time to gear up for WAM’s 30th “ALL MOPAR MEET”!!!
June 20th, 2015 (9AM – 4PM, Saturday, Rain or Shine)

Sedgwick County Park,
13th & Zoo Blvd, Wichita, KS
316-291-0426 [email protected]
Wichita Area Mopars, Inc.
P. O. Box 48822, Wichita, KS 67201
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December 2014 WAM! NEWSLETTER

  • Next WAM Membership Meeting: There is no membership meeting in December. Next WAM is on January 20th 2015. Our speaker will be Steve Knipp from Knipp’s about auto detailing. Schedule monthly meeting are; February 17th, March Undecided, April 21st, and May 19th.
  • Senior Center: On 200 Walnut Street caught fire in the electric room on November 24th. Consequence we are unable to hold our membership meeting at the senior center temporarily. Davis-Moore has step up and offers WAM group their conference room for the membership meetings the next few months.
  • WAM Membership Meeting: Our membership meetings will be temporarily held at DAVIS-MOORE Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram; 7675 E Kellogg DR Wichita Kansas 67207, the meeting will continue to be held on the third Tuesday night of each month.

Members feel free to get there early as you would like! I will be there by 630pm (Rick Aldrup).  The meeting must starts promptly at 7pm and try to conclude the meeting by 8 pm. The conference room is straight back from the from the building entry. The dealership closes at 8pm. However; Often the salesmen and managers stay late with customers to close their sales.  WE must keep in mind the managers are trying to close-up and go home…

  • Open Discussion: Shall start between 645 pm and 7 pm, and/or at the end of the meeting time permitting. Around the Room; Member Interaction, and in Review. Year in review. Tell us about this year and the club, where as club we need to go. And we want to know about your MOPAR’s.
  • Parking: So long as we leave a few spaces for customers, they do not mind if WAM members park up front and show off our cars!  When parking gets close to full they want us to park on the east side of the building,  there are numbered stalls for the employees near the car wash, however; most of those employees will typically be gone by the time we meet.  For the East side parking there is a showroom door on that side, just off the east display pad.
  • Food and drink: Is allowed, However; no alcohol on dealership premises.  If there’s an abundance of food or trash on any given night we need let one of the sales managers know so that they can take it out. Davis-Moore manages are Steve Klein, Jordan Bishop, Sean Bentz and Devin Archibald
  • May/June is our WAM Membership drives & renew months: Or anytime you wish to pay.

Dues have not change they are still $20.00 dollars per year, per household and unlimited cars. WAM Membership runs from 1st June until May 31st of each year, Members may renew early. Thank You to all members pasted and present for your support.

  • WAM Club Patches:

WAM Members, I took it upon myself to order 50 WAM Club patches for sale to WAM Members at large. With no profit to myself, I will gladly sell the patches to any members who want one for $7.00 each. They are iron and/or sew on and will look good on any solid color garment.

  • WAM Membership Event: Sun Flower Swap Meet: February 6th & 7th 2015(paid).

We have a place to sell those parts you deemed not needed any more; just bring out and sell it the club already has paid for the space. Please stop by and say hi if you have chance. Member wishing to help please let us know at [email protected] so that we will know who we can expect. http://www.wichitaas.com/swapmeet/swapmeet.htm This maybe the last year of the swap meet.

Chairpersons; Rocky & Maryann Slagle, & Wayne Jamis.

  • WAM Membership Event: Park City Chill, at the Kansas Pavilions.

Set-up February 26th, Car show 27, 28th, and March 1st 2015.

www.bartelproductions.com (Registration)

Member wishing to go please let us know at [email protected] so that we will know who we can expect you Bartel well make every effort to put us together.

  • April Date? “Classic Cars for Kids”

Gala & Show at Century II. Interested WAM members must contact Rick [email protected] to be considered for limited spaces. Special $50 (?) per couple entry fee and vehicle. All vehicles Car will be pre-position Wednesday night for Thursday night event, removing vehicle after event.

  • June 14th 2015, Sunday, Lake Afton Car Show: Wichita Area Council of Cars Clubs, car show
  • WAM Car Show June 20th, 2015.

Chairpersons; Ron Mayes, Bill Hartman, & Mike Sage

The WAM “ALL MOPAR MEET” date is based on being the third (3rd) Saturday of June.

  • July 11th 2015 Automobile’s Midnight Car Show. Downtown Wichita along 1st

Gary Carpenter 316-264-9986. www.automobilliausa.com

  • Wichita Area Council of Cars Clubs: Chairman, Tim Bonnell. Bob Merritt

Meeting Third Tuesday in February, May, August, and November.

  • Area Cruse Nights.

Friday Nights –Central and West Street, April through September. Ray Wagoner, 316-295-7600

Saturday Nights; Spangles, Pawnee & Seneca, Year’ round.

SECOND SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH Evening hours in Derby KS on K15 and various Merchant parking lots.  Richard Bartel (WAM Member)


Davis-Moore Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-RAM, is WAMs exclusive MOPAR dealership sponsor
As an added benefit to WAM members Davis-Moore (MOPAR Dealership) is providing All current dues paying Wichita Area Mopars (WAM) Club Members the following discounts:
10% discount on Maintenance and Repair Parts & Labor,  on Accessory and Performance Parts & Labor and on any out of pocket (non-insured and deductible) body shop work including paintless dent repair.
Davis-Moore Dodge-Chrysler-Jeep’s promises the best possible deal on any vehicle purchases by WAM members.
WAM membership is now more valuable than ever with this great affiliation with Davis-Moore Dodge – Chrysler – Jeep located at 6215 E. Kellogg, Wichita, KS 67218 (316)618-2000 www.davis-moore.com.
Remember to visit Davis-Moore and bring your current WAM membership card with you and inform them you are a WAM member to receive your special WAM only discount. Please note that all discounts and offers by WAM sponsors are subject to change. Keep informed of WAM only deals by attending regular meetings and reading our WAM news briefs and newsletters.

Davis-Moore Chrysler- Dodge-Jeep is a great resource for Wichita Area Mopar members with New and Used Mopars, Direct Connection Parts, Body Shop, and Five Star Rated Mopar Service. When you visit them tell them you are a WAM member and thank them for their support!!!!